5 Tips to improve your Facebook business page

Since 2012 when Facebook was publicly listed on the New York stock exchange, the boffins at this amazing social media company have been finding ways to make millions for their shareholders. Advertising on Facebook is ever increasing and the algorithm is changing weekly, allowing Facebook to be very selective of who sees your posts. Here are 5 of the latest principles to abide by, when you are posting to FB:

  1. Don't ever just post text without a photo! FB will constrict your reach if you do this as the company wants quality content like photos and video. Facebook is in competition with Youtube (the video sharing website) and wants to show video and engaging photos.
  2. Don't ever post a link on Facebook to a Youtube page! This follows on from my previous point. Facebook does not want traffic going from their platform to a competitor!
  3. Use video wherever possible when posting to your Facebook page. This maybe difficult if you are a small business, but it is worth the effort and will get you further reach with your audience. I recently trialled the carousel video feature on a paid advertising campaign for a client. For the same spend of $50AUD the reach was 3 times greater than just using a promotional photo with the exact same promotion.
  4. Use your smartphone to capture great images and videos. You don't need to go and spend thousands on a video camera. Look at buying a stabilizer and tripod for your smartphone and practice, practice, practice! There are plenty of videography tutorials online!
  5. If you are going to do paid advertising on Facebook, there are two ways you can do this. You can simply boost the post or you can create and boost the post in Facebook Ads Manager. I recently attended a FB seminar hosted by Melissa Verner Green (Head of Facebook Melbourne). Melissa mentioned that all Facebook advertising should be done through Ads Manager to increase the reach of the ad to your audience. 

So there you go, 5 tips for a more engaging Facebook page. If you are just starting out and want some coaching, Illume Marketing would be happy to assist. Alternatively, if you just don't have the time for your social media marketing, we are available to discuss outsourcing. Thanks for reading!