Flicking the switch on illume

So here we are, March the 19th 2017. It´s my Grandma´s 88th birthday. Decisions have been made, its time to start a business. I have been helping people for years build their business, through sales and marketing positions. At the age of 36, I feel like it´s late to be doing this. Grandma would say "don´t be stupid - your still a pup!" 

I find marketing to be quite exciting, especially when you get it right. Even today, large marketing agencies can get it so wrong, however, credit must be given when a considerable risk is taken by a company - and they pull it off. Sales skyrocket, awareness of a brand increases 10 fold, the phone is ringing - that is the result we chase.

I have started this business because I like to help people. Business is tough. Small business is tougher. If we can help these people with sound advice (no BS) and cost effective strategies - then I can sit on my balcony with my lovely lady, drink a gin and tonic and watch the sun go down knowing that I am helping my little community.

Now, lets finish this website.