5 tips on email marketing

Problem: You are running a small business but are unsure about going down the email marketing path.

Solution: J.D.I (Just Do It).

Email marketing is a great form of communicating with your clients. There really is nothing to lose with this, just as long as you keep your content fresh and your email appealing, people will read it and if nothing else - It works as a branding exercise for your business. People are exposed to your brand just by seeing your email appear in their inbox.

So here are 5 things that we think is worth passing on with email marketing:

1. Write from the heart: When writing your email newsletter or offer, write as if you are talking to your customer face to face. Be personable and don´t use this form of communication to purely sell your service or product.

2. Add helpful videos or links to your email: Video is overtaking the web at the moment. People are preferring to watch a video rather than read pages and pages of content. It is easy to incorporate a video with your newsletter, so customers can simply press play and watch a tutorial or learn something about your service or product. Adding links to your website within your email newsletter may also help with increasing traffic to your website. Just make sure you keep all of the content relevant - give the customer a very good reason to go to your website.

3. Make it fun: As a business owner we are passionate and have a huge knowledge base on our chosen profession. Your customer just wants the dot points. Keep your email newsletter brief, insert colourful images and short, bite sized pieces of information is important.

4. Use a free email marketing platform: Depending on how many emails you want to send out, there are a couple of options of what platform to use. Mailchimp allows you to send out 12,000 emails per month to 2,000 different email addresses - FOR FREE. If your database is larger than this or you want to send more emails, Mailchimp has different plans available from $10 per month.

5. Keep regular contact: We believe the frequency of email marketing should be consistent but not over-bearing. Sending out email newsletters every week is probably going to do more harm than good to your business. Once a month, we feel, is a good amount of time between company newsletters. This has worked well with our existing clients and serves as consist exposure to your customers.

Finally, if you simply don´t have the time to create a newsletter for your business, just contact us. Our plans start from as low as $200+GST per month. We hope this helps and if you have any questions, you know the drill! Below are some useful links on email marketing:

MAILCHIMP SIGN UP: www.mailchimp.com

CAMPAIGN MONITOR SIGN UP: www.campaignmonitor.com/Sign-Up