Dealing with negative feedback on social media

When you put your business name out into the world of social media, the majority of the time it is going to have a positive affect. But there is always that 1% of the public who want to have their rant. The Keyboard Warrior. Sure, your employee may have made a mistake and these happen from time to time. I understand your frustrations with this. How you deal with the comment that may have been left on a post or tweet is important. Below are the steps to handling negative feedback on social media:

Reply: It is important to reply to the negative feedback. This shows that you care. Be professional and compassionate, even though you may not want to! Tell them that you understand. Don´t offer them anything for free, if you do this, you could possibly "open the flood gates¨to further complaints that are not genuine.

More negative comments: If further negative comments persist, reply to them asking if they could speak over the phone. Exchange numbers over a private message. Then you may be able to clear the issue up over a simple phone call.

Abusive comments: No one deserves to be abused over social media. All platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In and Pinterest do not take kindly to this. You can easily report the person to the relevant social media company and they will have the person blocked. Do not engage in abusive comments under any circumstances.

We hope this helps and if you have any questions or comments, just send us a message on our facebook page.