Consistency is key with your social media

It can be difficult to come up with new, exciting and engaging posts with your social media. When you get stuck, make sure you jump online and gain some inspiration from other pages. Research the latest photography techniques and video production.

If you make a commitment to create consistent, real and authentic content that adds value to people’s news feeds, your audience will show up. You want to be posting every single day across all platforms. Or, at least, choose two or three platforms and do them exceptionally well and most importantly...Consistently. Choose the platforms that your target market likes and uses, after all, that is who you want to engage with.

When we speak with clients, quite often in the initial phase of discussions, there is a point that a client will say “My staff can just manage our Facebook Ads and all of the content”. Our response, is “Great, can we catch up with you in 6 months and see how everything is progressing?”. Usually in the second meeting, the client understands that their social media strategy needed closer attention and then we start doing business together.

Consistently reporting on progress, what worked, what didn’t work, what gains the most engagement at what time. All of this is relevant in building your business. If you are doing all of this across every social media platform that is relevant to your business - well done. If you find that it is all too hard and your resources are better spent elsewhere, contact us for a chat here.