Blog challenge 99/99: Thoughts on writing 99 blogs in 99 days

Today is the day! This is the 99th blog to be written in 99 days. It has been a good challenge for us and we hope that it has given you some value. We have enjoyed researching topics of interest all with the aim of assisting you to do better marketing.

What we have learned

Persistence: Writing a blog everyday required constant persistence with attention to detail. The ability to commit 1, 2 or even up to 3 hours out of our day, everyday to provide a value adding blog really tested our time management skills. Forward planning really assisted us with this.

All killer, no filler: Every blog that we did required a lot of thought as we did not want to just write a blog for the sake of writing one! Research is what takes the time but provides the most value.

Education: By writing 99 blogs in 99 days we were able to learn and research new trends and techniques related to digital marketing. We learnt a lot, which we can go back and revisit at any time to refresh and update.

Thanks to everyone that took the time to read our blogsā€¦.even if it was just 1 blog out of the 99! We enjoyed bringing them to you. Have a great day.