Reach more customers with Facebook groups

It is getting more difficult to reach your audience for free with Facebook. However, this little trick can get you extended exposure across the platform. In your community, there are several groups on Facebook, the larger ones in Darwin are Buy, swap, sell groups, jobs in Darwin and Palmerston community groups. It always pays to check the rules of each group, prior to posting anything to do with business promotion. You can check the rules at the top of each groups page.

If you are operating a business and have a genuine promotion, you may be able to post this on the group page. Some of these pages have 30,000+ followers. You will not be able to share this from your business page, it will have to be from a personal account. One of our clients does this on a regular basis, which often results in an organic reach of 3-4 times what she would normally get by only posting to her business page. Thanks for reading!