Instaschool is in!

500+ million accounts worldwide, 400+ million stories created everyday and 80% of all accounts follow a business account on Instagram. These are the numbers that Instagram proudly boast on their home page for Instagram Business Head to the website and check it out. Learn how to post engaging content, understand which content is relevant to your followers, and use creative formats to convey your message.

At Instagram Business there are tips for compelling captions, tips for engaging visuals and the information is pretty good if you are just starting off and want to familiarise yourself with the platform. If you are looking to advertise on Instagram head to the Instagram Advertising page. This page will walk you through creating Instagram Stories Ads, Carousel Ads, Video Ads and Photo Ads. If you are selling visually appealing products and services, you need to be on Instagram. For any assistance with managing your social media please contact us here.