Re-marketing / re-targeting

Re-marketing (which is also called re-targeting) are the marketing techniques used to remind your potential customers of your brand, product and / or business. In the digital space, the ability to re-target / re-market to your audience is very helpful and if done correctly, can be extremely beneficial to your bottom line. Here’s an example of how it works.

Let’s pretend you are a hotel manager. A potential customer is looking for a hotel room to book for a Summer holiday. The potential customer sees your hotel while performing a Google search, he or she browses your site, likes what they see and they check availability. Next, something happens – they get distracted, take a phone call, start researching something else for work or the kids need attending to. You get the picture! Now, they may revisit your site straight away and proceed to book, which is the intended goal. However, if they don’t, this is where re-targeting works well. A small piece of code called a Facebook Pixel can be inserted into the hotel’s website. We can then get creative and make an advertisement. If business is slow we could create an offer, perhaps “book direct and receive 10% off our best room rate”. Once the ad is created we can then use Facebook Business Manager to launch an advertising campaign. We can link this advertising campaign to the Facebook Pixel which we can set to target only visitors that have come to a specific page on our website, but may not have booked a room at your hotel. The potential customer will see your advertisement on their Facebook feed, complete with a link back to your website – making it easy for them to look at booking their accommodation.

To see a working example of this, we recommend visiting The Wynn Hotel website. Click here to be directed to their website. The Wynn, is a leading hotel in Las Vegas. Just pretend to book a room on their website. Then close your browser down. Then a few hours later, head to your Facebook feed. Scroll through and you will see an advertisement from The Wynn Hotel. While surfing the web on your desktop computer, you will more than likely see advertising from the Wynn Hotel across the Google Display Network. The Wynn does their re-targeting / re-marketing very well. This is just one way your business can benefit from re-marketing. If you would like to know more details about this for your business contact us here.