The power of Linked In

Linked In - launched in 2003 - in excess of 500 million users - the ultimate business connection platform.

This Microsoft owned platform is fantastic for both the B2B market and B2C market. It is a place where you can publish your own content, share your industry knowledge and leverage your own personal brand. It is a professional networking tool, so don't  go posting those viral goat videos, that you find hilarious on Linked In!

Sally Illingworth and Justin Gill are two NT business owners that use Linked In really well. Sally offers daily business advice and is quite good at speaking to camera. The content is short, sharp and to the point. You can ask to connect with Sally here. Justin Gill is a developer in the Northern Territory and his business specialises in building new homes. His content is great for small business and he gives up to date information on the NT economy. You can connect with Justin here

The reason why we have mentioned these two professionals is that they do the following:

  • They offer sound advice

  • The content is relevant to their audience

  • They don't post over the top promotional messages

  • They give and don't expect anything in return

If you are passionate about your industry we encourage you to share your experience on Linked In. Setting up a profile is easy. You can also set up Linked In as a marketing tool for your business, by advertising to a targeted audience. There are 5 steps to advertising your business on Linked In after you sign up:

  • Choose one of the many ad formats

  • Create your ad

  • Target your ad

  • Set your budget

  • Measure and optimize your campaign

You can also promote your company page posts with sponsored content, Linked In’s premier advertising format. Sponsored content lets you set your own budget and choose from cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM) pricing. Get your message out on every device, leverage comprehensive targeting options, and even track conversions from your ads.

We hope this has helped and if you would like some assistance with Linked In, feel free to reach out here.