Marketing for trade services

In Australia we call them 'tradies'. They are the guys and girls that are there for us when our household items breakdown. We are referring to electricians, refrigeration mechanics, motor mechanics, plumbers - the list goes on. If you are running a trades business and want to market to your consumer here are a few reccommendations:

Website: So many 'tradies' that we talk to don't even have a website! This is fine when work is coming through the door and your phone is ringing with enquiries. But what happens when the quiet times come? People primarily visit your website in an emergency. The user experience should be easy to navigate. make sure your phone number is on every page and make sure it is enabled with a click to call feature. 

Try using a PPC campaign: When your customers fridge breaks down, or something goes wrong with their plumbing in their house, they are quite often in a fluster and need to get it fixed immediately. When they Google "Plumber in Darwin", you want to be at the top and on page 1 of their Google search. You can do this by using a 'Pay per click' campaign. This is an advertising model used to direct traffic to your website, in which an advertiser (your business) pays the search engine. You only pay when your advertisement is clicked on by a user.

Register your business with Google and Bing: In a previous blog we went through this in more detail. By registering your business with these search engines, it builds credibility and enables the GPS feature so people can gain easy directions to your business and it also improves your search ranking.

Use email marketing: We cannot stress this one enough. Our trades clients attribute considerable sales to our email marketing campaigns. If you have a client list - they should be on your email marketing campaign. Use this to provide knowledge, for example if you are an electrician, provide monthly cost saving initiatives. Don't use it as a sales tool, make it informative for the consumer to read. To find out more click here.

So, there you have it - a few handy tips for your trades business. If we can help in any way, just contact us here and thanks for reading.