A customer success story

Some honesty: We have been finding the market pretty difficult of late. Meetings with clients have been spent listening to their difficulties and trying to work through solutions. There seems to be uncertainty revolving around the government and it's proposed projects. A large mining project is concluding, meaning there is less money within the economy. 

Times like this call for a success story. So, we are going to 'throw it back' to an absolute gem! Bring on the positivity we say! A lovely couple who have own a small business called Little Vintage Bar and Van came to us with a problem. Here's how we solved it:

Client: Little Vintage Bar and Van

Business Description: Servicing the corporate events and wedding industry, Little Vintage Bar and Van is a vintage caravan, fitted out with all the workings of a bar. Have champagne, beer and your favourite cocktails poured by the supplied staff at your wedding or event. The van is a real talking piece among guests.

Issue: The owners had expanded the business into South Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory. Although they were busy servicing the event and wedding season they recognised an opportunity to possibly build and sell vintage vans, not just provide a hire service. The issue was that they were not sure how to market this.

Solution: We suggested to have a short video produced. Complete with a cool, jazzy, soundtrack, using the professional photos taken from the various weddings that they had attended. These photos really 'showed off' the van to it's full potential. We would couple this with a Facebook advertising strategy. We knew that Cairns and Port Douglas were potential markets, so we really concerntrated our targeting in those areas. We marketed to women between the ages of 30 - 55 with some specific interests. Once the campaign was all set up, we watched the magic unfold!

Results: 39 direct message enquiries. Quotes were sent to all 39. 14 replied with genuine interest. Within 7 days the owners received an order for 1 vintage caravan to be delivered to Port Douglas, Qld.

Campaign Investment: $300 to make the Facebook advertisement. $50 for the ad spend. Our service fee $350 (which included improvements to the Facebook page and additional website tasks).

A $700 investment for a $39,000 sale. We were so happy to get this for our client and they were suitably impressed! Furthermore, if they want to activate the campaign again they would not need to outlay the $300 for the Facebook advertisement as they would just use the same ad.

Business is a real test of your character. Just know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, generate good thoughts and sometimes all it takes is a phone call to a new potential client and you can be back in the game. Thanks for reading and if you want to get in touch with the lovely folks at Little Vintage Bar and Van, just click here.