Our appointment with Facebook's marketing team

Who has had the opportunity to make an appointment with a Facebook marketing professional? We had an offer from Facebook flash up on our screen to have a one on one session with someone from Facebook. It is a new initiative that is being offered to businesses, but we believe that they are selective with who they offer this to.

When it first appeared as a banner advertisement at the top of our feed, we couldn't believe our eyes. One on one time with a Facebook Pro??! Surely not! But yes, indeed - it turned out to be legitimate. So we selected our time and day that would be suitable for us, received a confirmation email from Facebook and a few days later we had the meeting.

It was conducted using Zoom and you can choose to share your screen with the FB Pro, so they can see what you are looking at. Be prepared with a list of questions around Facebook Marketing. You will have 30 minutes with them, they are concise and provide invaluable information. When you see a call come through on your phone from an overseas number - don't ignore it as it is more than likely your FB Pro calling you regarding your appointment.

Here is an example of what they helped us with. We have a client who has duplicate Facebook pages. We wanted to close one page down, but the client had lost all access to it. They didn't know the password or login details as a previous employee had set it up. We had reported this to Facebook many times but had no response. The Facebook Marketing Professional fixed it on the spot. They also cleared up a couple of other questions we had around FB Business Manager which was very helpful.

The bottom line is, if you see this option in your feed - book an appointment. Our experience was informative and worthwhile. It is great to see Facebook giving marketers knowledge in the ever changing world of social media.