Blog challenge 36/99: 10 tips for great website design

Websites are the face of your business online and quite often it is communicated to us that they are over complicated and difficult to get right. If you want to have a website built for you or you want to do it yourself, stick to these 10 tips and you will be well on the right track to providing a great user experience for all of your visitors.

1. Your pages must load fast – Speed is everything, people are impatient and want to find what they are looking for quickly. Your website design needs to have a fast loading speed

2. Make it relevant and concise – People skim read on the net, make sure you have more concise content rather than paragraph after paragraph, unless you are writing a blog – dot points work well.

3. Great Navigation – If readers cannot get around on your website, they won’t stay. Make it easy for them.

4. Use small images – Yes, hi res images look amazing – the problem with this is that they take additional time to load.

5. Write to your audience – If you are a local business, write your content to connect with your local audience.

6. Your links must work – Links are important on your website, but nothing is more frustrating than clicking on a link that has an error or connects to the incorrect page.

7. Regularly update your website – Don’t have your website built and then leave untouched. Search engines love seeing fresh content and it will improve your ranking.

8. Use correct grammar – Your content needs to reflect your business in a professional manner. Spelling errors throughout a website will leave the reader disappointed and they may form an ill opinion of your services.

9. Use colour – Colours evoke emotion. Ensure your website is appealing to the eye and incorporates you company colours.

10. Use video – Content consumed by video has increased considerably in recent years. Incorporate this into your website and this will give your visitors a more immersive experience.

Thanks for reading and if you would like further tips on creating an eye catching website, you can contact us here.