Blog challenge 41/99: October business month 2018

Since 2014 October business month has provided quality keynote speakers, networking opportunities, workshops and events all to assist the NT business owner. We have had a plethora of quality keynote speakers such as Mark Bouris, Janine Allis, Steven Bradbury, Turia Pitt – just to name a few. The timing of OBM is perfect, we are on the downhill run to the end of the year and you may be struggling with motivation or just the general struggles of business. If this is the case, head along to a workshop, get involved in some networking and see one of the headline keynote speakers. Surrounding yourself with positive people and drawing on inspiration from what OBM offers, can assist with your mindset and the struggles that you may be having.

On the other hand if all is going well in business, OBM is just a great way to learn a new skill, gain knowledge around NT economic data and implement additional business resources. Head to to find out more. There is only 32 days until OBM kicks off for 2018, with keynote speakers and the full program launch happening in early September. Thanks for reading.