Blog challenge 15/99: Facebook Ad Hacks

Sick and tired of running Facebook ads that don't work? We thought we would give you some tips related to producing great ads that give you an ROI.

1. Write a magnetic ad headlineThe headline is the most important part of your Facebook ad. The headline text can make a huge difference in the click-through rate and the cost-per-click of your Facebook ads.

2. Create an irresistible value offer: The best way to make someone sign up for a free trial product or buy your product is to create an exciting value offer. Promote something that people actually want. For example, you could offer an extended trial period or create a limited-time discount offer. 

3. Present social proof: You wouldn’t trust a stranger coming to speak with you on the street. That’s how people who have never heard about your brand will feel about your Facebook ads.

When targeting an entirely cold audience that hasn’t been to your website before, use various types of social proof to spark more trust:

  • Include numbers describing your product’s user number/benefits
  • Include testimonials from high-profile clients
  • Add client logos to your ad images

4. Master the art of FOMO and urgency: If you’ve ever missed a flight or been the next person in the queue right when the store runs out of the thing you wanted, you know how bad this feels. FOMO – the fear of missing out – haunts us every single day. To put FOMO to good use, you can write Facebook ad copy that makes readers think that everyone else is already using your product and they’re the last ones out.

5. Use high-quality ad design: No matter how good your ad copy is, a low-quality ad image can ruin all the other efforts. Without a high-quality ad design, your campaign’s almost certainly going to fail. Creating a Facebook ad design that looks trustworthy and outstanding isn’t too difficult. You don’t need the black belt in Photoshop to put together a simple well-designed Facebook ad. Canva or Easil are good tools for simple, effective design.

6. Create colorful ads: Make your ad pop with some great, eye catching colour. In a crowded digital market, you need to stand out. If you are using a carousel ad, use different coloured backgrounds for each frame. It will assist in converting those sales!

7. A/B test your ad images: What if you have no idea which colors or design elements your target audience likes? No worries, there’s a simple solution to that: A/B testing.You can test tens of different ad variations by creating a quick Facebook Ads Split Test.

8. Create carousel ad campaigns: Carousel ads let you include up to 10 images and headlines in a single post. That’s an excellent method for telling a story, introducing your product’s benefits or sharing the latest blog articles.

9. Use videos instead of images: Video ads are one of the most overlooked opportunities in Facebook advertising. Creating a video ad in the Facebook Ads Manager is just as easy as setting up a regular ad. Only instead of an image, you’ll be using a video. Explainer videos are great for showing how to use your product and are especially good for complex processes.

10. Always add subtitles to video ads: According to Facebook, captioned video ads have a 12% higher average view time than videos with no caption. They work well as you can still watch the video without having the sound on.

11. Create attractive landing pages: It happens all the time. Marketers spend hours on creating and setting up their Facebook Ads campaigns. What they forget to do is put as much effort into building the perfect landing page. Getting people to click on your ads is only 20% of the success. After they’ve clicked on the “Learn More” or “Sign Up” button, you have about 10 seconds to convince them to stay on your landing page and read more about your product.

During the first 10 seconds, the visitor evaluates whether your website is trustworthy, interesting, and worth staying for longer.

A good Facebook Ads landing page should:

  • Be aligned with the Facebook ad, and deliver the same message
  • Include a clear value offer and call-to-action
  • Contain no unnecessary text or images (only the ones that contribute to the conversion)
  • Use high-quality images and design

12. Create a separate landing page for each campaign: Smart Facebook marketers rarely advertise the same offer to everyone. Because it almost never works. You need to have several different audience groups with various industry, lifestyle, and social backgrounds. Your job as a marketer is to segment your audience and deliver highly relevant offers to each one of them.

13. Keep the ad frequency under control: After you’ve run a Facebook ad campaign for a couple of weeks, you’ll likely notice the click-through rate going down, and ad costs increase. That’s because people are tired of seeing your ads in their News Feeds over and over again. Keep it fresh and break the ad time up. 3 days on 1 week off, be sure to play around with the frequency to you feel that you have it just right. 

14. Rotate your ads: If you’re not happy about missing some potentially awesome advertising days with custom ad schedule, try this: create multiple ad images and show the ads on different weekdays.

15. Emphasize the emotions: This is super important. Emotions are a crucial part of our decision-making process. People who feel strong emotions when looking at your ads are more likely to act upon them. You can use both your ad image or the messaging to spark strong emotions in the viewer:

  • Use illustrative images of people feeling a positive emotion
  • Use emotional words such as “amazing” or “joyful.”
  • Use exclamation marks to give a happier tone to your ad copy

16. Keep it simple: Writing a long ad copy to present all your product’s features and benefits isn’t always the best you can do. People won’t read your ad copy if it’s too long and full of irrelevant information. What they’re looking for is a quick answer whether they should click on the ad or not.

17. Align your ad design with your branding: If someone saw your Facebook ad but your company’s name was hidden, could they associate it with your brand in 5 seconds? When people fail to associate your Facebook ads with your company, you’ll lose out on a great opportunity to increase brand awareness. By using branded colors and keeping your messages aligned across all marketing channels, you’ll get better results on every channel.

Thanks for reading and if you just don't have the time for your Facebook advertising feel free to contact us here.