Trip Advisor for business

Trip Advisor – the ultimate customer / travel review website. Visiting a new city and not sure where to go or what to do? Just head to this awesome website or download the app to your phone. It is fair to say that most travellers have used Trip Advisor at some point throughout their adventures. Find top rated restaurants, things to do, hotels and flights. Ask yourself, are my customers on Trip Advisor? If the answer is “yes” then you need to be there. Trip Advisor may have automatically listed your place – if so, you need to claim your listing. Let’s run through what you need to do to get your trip advisor ranking into a better position

  • Claim your business on Trip Advisor: Search for your site on Trip Advisor. There will be a link on the home page “Is this your business?” Click on the link and go through the verification process to claim your page.

  • Update your business hours: Make sure your operation hours are correct.

  • Add photos: Make sure you post clear, hi resolution images of your venue, with people inside. Make it look inviting to potential clients and add photos on a weekly basis.

  • Add your business details: Website link, venue features, location, phone number and a well written description of why people should visit your business.

Trip Advisor has a premium option that costs AUD$59.99 per month, this entitles you to:

  • Attention grabbing storyboards

  • Ability to highlight the top 3 reasons to eat here

  • Showcase a favourite review

  • Capitalise on exclusive data

  • Access to performance trends for multiple businesses

The aim for your business on Trip Advisor is to be ranked #1 in your area. You can do this by responding to good and not so good reviews and having your Trip Advisor page set up and monitored correctly. Above all else, the main method is to concentrate on your offline efforts. By this we mean providing outstanding customer service. This will translate into fantastic reviews from your customers and will move your business up through the ranks. Own your Trip Advisor page and this will build the awareness of your business. We specialise in maintaining Trip Advisor pages and our team has hospitality marketing experience. Contact us here if you would like to book an appointment and as always thanks so much for reading!