The importance of quality marketing consultation

A good marketing consultant can be extremely valuable to your business. Someone that has good knowledge of the local market, can inform you of what advertising methods will be beneficial and provide advice on where to invest your marketing budget. These skills that a consultant brings, will aid your business. But how do you find a quality consultant? Firstly, we believe the initial consult should be free of charge. Above all else, you, as the business owner, need to feel comfortable with the consultant and he/she needs to gain an understanding of what you do. Within 1 hour, both of you should be able to assess if you are the right fit for each other.

Here are some other tips if you are looking to employ a marketing consultant:

  • Ask how long they have lived in the area for: This is most important. If you are marketing to a local audience, the consultant needs to have a good understanding of demographics and the media that is relevant to the community.

  • Ask if they have any connections to the media: If you want a good consultant, they should come with media connections. This is important when it comes to writing media releases and developing relationships with local journalists who can assist with amplifying your message.

  • What clients do they have: A good consultant should be able to inform you of some clients that they have had success with. Ask them to talk through a scenario that worked extremely well for the client. Also ask them to talk through a scenario that equally, didn’t go according to plan (no one is perfect and that is ok!).

  • Question their advertising recommendations: For an example, why would they recommend advertising on one form of media over another.

All of this sounds like you as the business owner, are interviewing a job candidate and yes, in theory you are. You need to trust this person, you need to have comfort knowing that what they are advising is in the best interest of your business. Take your time and don’t sign an agreement unless you are 100% happy with it. Thanks for reading.