Analytics on the go

We are not sure about the thoughts of other marketers out there, but one thing we are seeing great progress with, is the constant improvements to Google Analytics. Softer graphics, easier to use desktop application and now.....just simple, beautiful website analytics available on your mobile device. 

In our opinion, Google has tidied up it's act when it comes to the usability of its analytics platform. Squarespace analytics is an absolute joy to use, clean, crisp graphs and charts make it easier for our clients to understand our reporting and guess what?....they love that! We may be a little geeky when it comes to data and analytics, but we pride ourselves on keeping it simple for the consumer to understand. 

All of the reputable website content management systems now have 'analytics on the go'. This is a simple app that can be installed and linked to your website giving you live analytics. You can see how many people are on your site right now, an audience overview, behaviour overview, Ecommerce overview, goals and you can track users by the time of day. 

If you are managing your own website, it is good to get familiar with your analytics. Download the app and link it to your website for accurate data on the go.