The advantages of dealing with a small marketing agency

In 2018, marketing agencies seem to pop up all over the place. Since we commenced our services in 2014, we have seen competition in our field increase dramatically. Competition is good as it keeps everyone on their toes. We recently met with a client who had just started up her business and was overwhelmed by how to market her product. She had been to several marketing agencies, large and small, to discuss her options. Our client told us that she felt that the large companies, didn't have time for her.

Let's put this into perspective. If a marketing company has 50+ employees, it is fair to say that the overheads required to run that business are going to be high. Insurance costs, wages, the leasing of office space - it all adds up. Hence why large marketing agencies may not give the small businesses the love they need, when commencing their first campaign. They are too busy chasing the big fish!

We put a call into one of Australia's largest digital marketing agencies, just to see what was on offer in regards to SEO. As expected, packages started from AUD$2,000 per month and we were told their company had grown to such a size and that they used to do cheaper packages. We asked why those cheaper packages are not available any more, the response was "our agency is too big now and it just isn't profitable for us anymore". It was good to hear this honest response.

At the end of the day, you need to work with someone that you can connect with, that cares about your business and your marketing budget. Smaller agencies will generally bend over backwards to help you succeed and are more personal and passionate. Consider the little guys in the marketing game and develop a worthwhile relationship, you are helping their business by letting them help you with yours. Thanks for reading.