Results for our clients with website management

Alright, we know the last 3 blogs have been about achieving results for our clients but hey, we are on a hot streak at the moment and we love what we do!

Managing your website correctly is a task that takes time and requires knowledge to ensure search engines can find your business. We have been managing a large sporting club’s website for some time now and the numbers have been great for a number of consecutive months.

For this business the goal on their website is to attract function inquiries. This venue has several function rooms and they want to attract birthday celebrations, engagement parties and Christmas functions. We have a form that asks a range of questions about the customers event, and the customer fills this out online.

Previously, our client got between 1-4 inquiries per month on their website. We are now getting between 8 - 12 form submissions month after month. It pays to understand your website analytics and know how to direct your traffic to a goal. Have a great weekend everyone.