Blog challenge 61/99: How to gain more website traffic part 2

We have people asking us constantly, how do I get to page one on google? To be recognised as a genuine website you need to develop trust with the search engines. Below are ten ways that you can really give your website the boost it needs to get to the coveted page one position.

  1. Use Google keyword planner to research your top keywords. Once you have your keywords, incorporate these across your website ensuring that you write in a way that is easy to read for your visitors. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!

  2. Ensure your website loads fast. This is an important factor. Remove unnecessary plugins and make sure your images are not large file sizes.

  3. Create backlinks. Register with the directories that I gave you, ask your suppliers to link to your website, put a link on your company email signature.

  4. Place links to your suppliers in return for backlinks to your website.

  5. Ensure you name each image on your website. Search engine spiders can’t read images yet, so write a description of each image.

  6. Write a good meta description, between 120 and 150 characters.

  7. Use meaningful URL’s. This is a bad URL: and this is a good URL: Ensure to always use hyphens in URL’s.

  8. Use correct keywords in your images. Google has dedicated a whole search tab to images – they are important and always use hyphens to label your images.

  9. Use JPEG and PNG file types for images.

  10. Use video. Search engines love video. The general population would prefer to watch video rather than read an article.

We hope this helps you and as always you can give us a call to discuss your website optimisation on 0457 366 774.