Facebook marketing for hospitality

The hospitality sector is fiercely competitive. Coming up with new marketing ideas is an endless process all in the aid of keeping your existing clients coming back and enticing new customers. Here’s the top 5 ways to use Facebook to gain more business:

 1. Do paid advertising with Facebook: The days of gaining 100% reach to your audience for free are long gone. You only need a small amount of advertising spend associated with a campaign.

2. Make sure your copy is enticing and applicable to your audience: Write with the correct tone and incorporate a call to action.

3. Use video: Video production has reduced dramatically over the years. You may have a tech savvy employee who may like to work with you on this.

4. Use look a like audiences: Learn how to use look a like audiences on Facebook, this will attract new customers.

5. Use FAQ prompts within FB ads: As per our previous blog, we have seen great results with this.

Thanks for reading and if you manage a hospitality venue and do not have the time to manage your social media accounts, we can help you!