The importance of communicating with your clients

Today we wanted to discuss the importance of communication in business. If you are juggling numerous customers in a B2B sense, it can be easy to miss something or let one of your customers down. This is where planning can help. Set time aside in your day, to make contact with a certain amount of clients per week. If you find that you are forgetting small tasks, set a reminder on your phone. If you have an iphone, Siri is pretty smart. It’s as easy as saying to your phone “hey Siri, Set a reminder to call Daryl about the presentation”.

If you cannot meet with your clients face to face, why not go one step better than sending them an email and send them a personalised video. We have done this in the past and it works extremely well. Here is what we did. We noticed that a companies Facebook page was not verified by Facebook. This is relatively easy to do, so we downloaded some free software that records our computer screen and our voice. We then started a quick 2 minute tutorial on verifying their page. We personalised it by greeting the client by their name (it wasn’t something that we bulk emailed everyone) and we sent this video to them.

Clients love hearing from someone outside the business that they can trust and communication plays a big part in this. Next time you think to yourself “I haven’t talked to John from John’s Plumbing for a while”, (just an example!) - be sure to make contact with John - that conversation could lead to you assisting John with a problem and / or further work for your business.