The marketing calendar

When we meet with our new client’s this is one of the first questions we ask: “How do you prepare your marketing activity for the year?” (Insert client’s blank face here!) We understand, you are busy and sometimes in business, certain activities are executed “on the fly”. Ever heard of the below quote:

“Prior preparation prevents piss poor performance”.

The above quote is so extremely relevant to marketing for your business. Something that can assist you with your preparation is a marketing calendar. Head to any office stationary shop and buy a large yearly planner. Make sure you can write on it with a white board marker, then let’s get planning.

Depending on the size of event, you should have three notes on the calendar for each event.

1)      The date preparation for the event should commence

2)      The date marketing for the event needs to start

3)      The date the event is on

Here’s an example. A gym wants to attract new clients by starting a 12 week challenge. The challenge is due to start on the 1st of October – so mark that date on the calendar and work backwards. Next, assess when marketing for the event needs to start. For something like this, we would suggest 1 month prior. Mark on the calendar the 1st of September – Marketing to commence for 12 week challenge. Finally, work out how long it is going to take to prepare for the event. Do you need to craft an email marketing campaign – how long does this take? Do you need print collateral, how long will it take for the printers to have your flyers ready? All this and more, you will need to think about. Mark on the calendar to commence marketing preparation for the 12 week challenge.

Following these steps will put you in a good position to execute your marketing to its full potential. Preparation is certainly the key, follow the above steps for success. If you would like a free consultation regarding your marketing or advertising needs, you can get in touch with us here.