Blog challenge 47/99: The SEO benefits of business blogging

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential component of successful website marketing. When your company’s website ranks high in the search results for particular keyword phrases, you’re going to receive more visitors potentially spending money on your products or services.

SEO is vital and higher rankings are a much coveted prize for businesses in every industry and sector. Your company’s goals are no different of course and that’s where blogging can give you a boost in rankings above and beyond your regional, national, and international competitors.

How? Here are just some of the SEO benefits business blogging brings to companies large and small.

More Fresh Content

The more frequently a website is updated with fresh content, the more precedence search engines give that site in comparison to its non-blogging competitors. New blog posts every at least once a month, ensure your company’s website remains fresh and updated. The search engines spiders love indexing new content and the more they return to your site, the better it is for your SEO.

More Indexable Pages

A regular blogging schedule means more blog posts added to your website over weeks, months, and years. Each post is indexed as an individual page and collectively these provide more entryways for prospective customers and clients to find your business. There are even more benefits to more pages, as you’ll find out below.

More Long-Tail Keyword Phrases

Most businesses have a collection of core keyword phrases they want to target. However, a lot of search engine traffic usually comes from long-tail keywords which are related to those phrases but not exact matches. Blogging gives your company the ability to target those secondary keyword phrases with more varied yet targeted content.

More Backlink Opportunities

Great blog content is informative, engaging, entertaining, and insightful. Readers want to share great content with other people and so they post links on their own websites and blogs in reference to a topic you wrote about. The more varied backlinks you receive from high-quality websites, the higher your search rankings will be.

More Internal Linking

A strong blog also relies on internal linking. When you link from one post to another via a related keyword phrase, you signal to the search engine spiders the relevance and importance of that linked-to content. Overall, interlinking helps search engines understand exactly what your site is all about, how everything connects together, and the content most relevant to a searcher’s query. All this benefits optimisation.

Increased Visitor Engagement

Great blog posts combined with intelligent internal linking means visitors spend longer exploring your website. The longer they are on your site, the more potential they have for becoming customers. In SEO terms, the more visitor engagement you cultivate, whether it be page views or duration, then the more effective your website’s optimization will be.

As you can see, adding informative, entertaining, and targeted content to your website in the form of well-written blog posts can boost your search engine rankings and findability. More visitors mean more paying customers, as well as fans.

SEO might sound unromantic when compared to the excitement of viral content, social media, and growth hacking, but it’s the core of successful inbound marketing and is a sound long-term strategy in which to invest.

Blog posts will attract customers and clients who would never have otherwise found your static company website. A small investment every month in search engine optimized blog content can pay itself back in the form of extra sales, many times over, for years to come.

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