Digital Marketing

Results for our clients using Google

We received a call from a client today in the hospitality industry. It is always nice to hear the words, “We are seeing some good results from what you are doing with our digital marketing”. We have been actively maintaining their Google My Business account for about 12 months now, along with social media and Trip Advisor and for such a small business - we are able to see some incredible results.

  • 113 Calls to their phone

  • 379 Direction requests using Google Maps

  • 220 website visits

  • 2,270 views of their photos

Some of these stats are down on the previous month due to it being peak tourist season in July. We cannot stress enough, the importance of managing your Google My Business page correctly. This means posting engaging photos, replying to reviews, adjusting public holiday hours and providing accurate content so your audience and potential customers can find you.

This contributes to your Google Ranking and the endless persuit of maintaining your high position on page 1.

GMB results.png

Google digital garage

So you are the type of business owner that likes to be across everything!! Let's face it, it is hard to relinquish control of things with your business - it's your baby, we get it. We meet several business owners that do their research prior to engaging us to outsource their digital work. We love to talk with people that have taken the time to delve into and learn about marketing their business. 

If you are wanting to specifically learn about digital marketing we suggest using the Google Digital Garage. You can head into the garage by clicking here. This resource offers a free, flexible, 'go at your own pace' training course in digital marketing. Simply follow the below steps within the garage:

Choose a skill: Whether you are a student or a business owner, at the start or at the middle of your journey, here you can choose the lessons that are right for you. The course will be tailored to your needs which we thought was very helpful.

Learn at your own pace: Each lesson is broken down into bite size education and you can create your own unique learning plan across any device that you own.

Get certified: Track your progress and receive an accredited certificate by Google, and the best part is that it is all free. 

If you have a marketing firm managing your online collateral, it pays to keep them on their toes by asking questions. By using Google's digital garage, your increased knowledge can heighten your agency's awareness and keep them honest!

Thanks for reading.


The digital revolution continues

So I have been doing a lot of research and reading over the past week and I am pretty damn excited to see where the marketing space is headed. Instagram launched IGTV (Instagram TV) this week. IGTV allows for long form video to be broadcast on the platform. Instagram is certainly taking a swipe at Youtube with this feature, as Youtube has been the dominant force in long form video for a long time. Instagram previously would allow only 1 minute videos - now with IGTV there is no time limit.

Traditional television seems to finally be making some strategic moves with it's more targeted addressable television advertising. The Seven Network trialed this earlier in the year during the rugby world cup. It is in it's early stages, but is sure to give advertisers a more targeted approach. In my opinion, this is desperately needed within the television industry due to increasing competition. It bewilders me, why the Australian television industry has taken so long to adapt and invest in video ad serving platforms.

Facebook continues to grow at a rapid rate. It amazes me that Mark Zuckerberg (the founder of Facebook), discussed publicly that he was making changes to the platform to take it back to a more personal experience. Like it was in its infancy. Then there was the Cambridge Analytica scandal. This saw Facebook's share price drop to US$152 from US$183 in March 2018. The media does what it does and went a little crazy over it but now, looking at the share price today, Facebook has well and truly recovered with it's share price now at US$201 today. 

Have you heard of Esports? It's online gaming and it is huge. Who would have thought that people would enjoy watching other people play video games....for hours! It is here, it is happening and it is a huge industry. Some numbers, 

  • Esports Global Revenue: AUD$696 million
  • Brand investment by 2020: AUD$1.5 billion
  • Esports enthusiasts in 2017: 240 million

This represents a huge opportunity and audience for advertisers, brands and companies. We are loving the innovation, the direction and the challenge of what is ahead in our field. If you want to know how you can capitalise on any marketing opportunity - just contact us for a chat. Q3 2018 - Bring it on!