Further positive results for our clients

We have just started working with a local gym and after gaining the necessary knowledge of their business goals, we have really hit our straps with some positive Facebook advertising for this client. Take specific note of the cost per click number in the below stats!


This campaign has been in operation for 7 days and has received 109 link clicks at a cost of $0.20 per click. We will run this for two weeks then assess conversions with the client. We have a goal of driving more gym memberships for 2018. This particular gym conducts a 12 week challenge. The October class is the largest yet with 36 members taking part. If you live in Darwin and want to make a change in your life, we can recommend HK Holistic Health Klub. Yes, they are a client of ours – but we only promote the best. These guys will get you the results you want!

Facebook advertising.jpg

5 simple ways to gain more reach on Facebook

This little blog is for those of you just starting out on Facebook. Below are the 5 easiest ways to gain more views and reach on Facebook:

  1. Use video - The majority of our clients see approximately 30% more engagement when posting video rather than posting photos.

  2. Share your posts in FB Groups - We recommended this one a while ago. Make sure you are not directly selling and check the rules of each group prior to posting your service within the group.

  3. Check your FB Insights - Analyse your Facebook insights and find out when your audience is online and align your posts with the correct timing.

  4. Check your FB history - Look into what posts resonated with your audience the most and increase the frequency of those posts.

  5. Boosted posts - If you are boosting posts, don’t boost immediately after posting. We recommend to wait 12 - 24 hours, then boost your post. This allows time for organic reach to gain some traction.

If you have any questions at all you can give us a call or contact us here.