Facebook marketing

Getting back to digital marketing basics

If you are starting a business, it can be quite easy to be overwhelmed with where to start marketing your business. There are 3 elements that we believe you should get set up as soon as possible. These are:

  1. Website

  2. Email marketing platform / develop an email database

  3. Facebook page

The above elements are relevant to any business and at the bare minimum, you should be getting these up and running as soon as possible. The website will assist customers to find you, email marketing will remind them about your services and products and your Facebook page can provoke conversation and engagement with your audience. We offer small business marketing packages and if you are just starting off, keeping it simple is our advice. You can always make changes as your business progresses.

5 simple ways to gain more reach on Facebook

This little blog is for those of you just starting out on Facebook. Below are the 5 easiest ways to gain more views and reach on Facebook:

  1. Use video - The majority of our clients see approximately 30% more engagement when posting video rather than posting photos.

  2. Share your posts in FB Groups - We recommended this one a while ago. Make sure you are not directly selling and check the rules of each group prior to posting your service within the group.

  3. Check your FB Insights - Analyse your Facebook insights and find out when your audience is online and align your posts with the correct timing.

  4. Check your FB history - Look into what posts resonated with your audience the most and increase the frequency of those posts.

  5. Boosted posts - If you are boosting posts, don’t boost immediately after posting. We recommend to wait 12 - 24 hours, then boost your post. This allows time for organic reach to gain some traction.

If you have any questions at all you can give us a call or contact us here.

Reach more customers with Facebook groups

It is getting more difficult to reach your audience for free with Facebook. However, this little trick can get you extended exposure across the platform. In your community, there are several groups on Facebook, the larger ones in Darwin are Buy, swap, sell groups, jobs in Darwin and Palmerston community groups. It always pays to check the rules of each group, prior to posting anything to do with business promotion. You can check the rules at the top of each groups page.

If you are operating a business and have a genuine promotion, you may be able to post this on the group page. Some of these pages have 30,000+ followers. You will not be able to share this from your business page, it will have to be from a personal account. One of our clients does this on a regular basis, which often results in an organic reach of 3-4 times what she would normally get by only posting to her business page. Thanks for reading!

Facebook verification

Have you got your page verified by Facebook? A little while ago the social media giant introduced their verifcation feature for business. There is also a verification feature for personal pages, but we are going to discuss the feature purely for business pages. 

Verification is important as it shows that this is the official page of the business and boosts its credibility. Pages with this also rank higher with Google Search and with Facebook search. You can tell if a page is verified by a grey tick that appears next to the page profile picture.

There are two ways you can verify your business, either with a business document or by getting a phone call from Facebook to your publicly listed telephone number:

Facebook Phone Call Method:

  • Go to "settings" on your FB business page

  • Look at the middle section of the screen, second option down is "page verification"

  • Click on "edit", then click on "verify this page"

  • A dialogue box will appear and prompt you to enter your business telephone number

  • Enter the telephone number and click "call me now" wait for a phone call from Facebook - it usually takes 1 minute!

  • The automated message will mention a 4 digit number. Enter it on screen

  • A screen will then appear saying that your business is verified on Facebook

Alternatively, you can verify your page with official documents. We have had to do this with a number of clients as sometimes the phone verification doesn't work every time. 

Document Method:

  • Go to "settings" on your FB business page

  • Look at the middle section of the screen, second option down is "page verification"

  • Click on "edit", then click on "verify this page"

  • Click on "verify this page with documents instead"

  • You will need either: A business utility or phone bill, business license, business tax file, certificate of formation or articles of incorporation

  • Upload one of the above by scanning the document and then attaching it via the "upload file" button on the screen

  • Facebook will then get back to you via email with your verification and the all important Grey Tick that appears on your profile.

This should only take you approximately 15 minutes, it is a simple excercise. Thanks for reading. As always if you need a hand with your social media just get in touch!



The digital revolution continues

So I have been doing a lot of research and reading over the past week and I am pretty damn excited to see where the marketing space is headed. Instagram launched IGTV (Instagram TV) this week. IGTV allows for long form video to be broadcast on the platform. Instagram is certainly taking a swipe at Youtube with this feature, as Youtube has been the dominant force in long form video for a long time. Instagram previously would allow only 1 minute videos - now with IGTV there is no time limit.

Traditional television seems to finally be making some strategic moves with it's more targeted addressable television advertising. The Seven Network trialed this earlier in the year during the rugby world cup. It is in it's early stages, but is sure to give advertisers a more targeted approach. In my opinion, this is desperately needed within the television industry due to increasing competition. It bewilders me, why the Australian television industry has taken so long to adapt and invest in video ad serving platforms.

Facebook continues to grow at a rapid rate. It amazes me that Mark Zuckerberg (the founder of Facebook), discussed publicly that he was making changes to the platform to take it back to a more personal experience. Like it was in its infancy. Then there was the Cambridge Analytica scandal. This saw Facebook's share price drop to US$152 from US$183 in March 2018. The media does what it does and went a little crazy over it but now, looking at the share price today, Facebook has well and truly recovered with it's share price now at US$201 today. 

Have you heard of Esports? It's online gaming and it is huge. Who would have thought that people would enjoy watching other people play video games....for hours! It is here, it is happening and it is a huge industry. Some numbers, 

  • Esports Global Revenue: AUD$696 million
  • Brand investment by 2020: AUD$1.5 billion
  • Esports enthusiasts in 2017: 240 million

This represents a huge opportunity and audience for advertisers, brands and companies. We are loving the innovation, the direction and the challenge of what is ahead in our field. If you want to know how you can capitalise on any marketing opportunity - just contact us for a chat. Q3 2018 - Bring it on!