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Blog Challenge 94/99: App recommendation - Feedly

Feedly is a news aggregator application for various web browsers and mobile devices running iOS and Android and is also available as a cloud-based service. It compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources for the user to customize and share with others.

Keep up to date with the best blogs and websites across topics that interest you. Tech, marketing, fitness, health, food, whatever your interest, you can develop your feedly to show exactly what you want to see.

Monitor news about your company, your product, your craft, and your competitors. We are using this on a daily basis to also assist our clients with their PR and marketing activities. Hopefully it can help you too!


Blog challenge 69/99: Books we can recommend

Sometimes you just need to set some time aside, away from the computer screen and, or everyday life and put your mind at ease with a good book. We thought we would recommend 3 that have caught our eye of late:

  1. Unwritten by Jack Delosa: Unwritten presents a startling, revisionist approach to our understanding of entrepreneurship and living a life that aligns with your purpose. Through personal reflection and stories of unconventional wisdom, adversity and success, Jack examines what it means to be great, how we can achieve our life’s best work, shape the world around us for good and leave a legacy far more valuable than wealth alone.

  2. Shoe Dog by Phil Knight: In this candid and riveting memoir, for the first time ever, Nike founder and CEO Phil Knight shares the inside story of the company’s early days as an intrepid start-up and its evolution into one of the world’s most iconic, game-changing, and profitable brands.

  3. Secrets of online entrepreneurs by Bern Schwerdt: Secrets of Online Entrepreneurs is the ultimate ‘how to' guide for creating, building, and selling an online business. Packed with inspiring stories of how some of Australia's most successful online entrepreneurs built their businesses, these internet mavericks will reveal the secrets of their success and provide valuable insights into how anyone with a hobby, passion, or innovative business idea can take advantage of the vast opportunities that a global market now offers. 

Enjoy the read, these are fantastic books and are all available online or at good book stores.