The importance of "me" time

You know it and I know it. We work extremely hard on our businesses. They can cause untold amounts of stress, anxiety and just pure worry. Your business is your baby and needs attending to constantly. But, there needs to be time spent on you and your well being too. After all, your company isn't going to function at 100% with out you being at 100% is it?

We all need downtime. Now, I know you are going to say "but we cant afford to leave the business for a couple of weeks" or "If I leave, this place will fall apart!". That's simply not the truth. Sure, you may have some catching up to do when you get back to work and yes - things will inadvertently go wrong while you are away. However, your entire business is not going to collapse if you take a 2 week break. 

 The human body needs time to recharge. I am currently coming towards the end of a holiday and it has been fantastic. Creativity increases, your mindset changes, you stop and enjoy those things that you are working for. I have had limited time on the computer, which has enabled me to connect with other people and just enjoy other aspects of life. 

It's important to take this time to reflect. Try and relax and take yourself back to when you first started your business. Why did you start it? What gave you the buzz? Think about the enjoyment of it all. It is a sure sign of being ready to get back into it, when I pick up the laptop to write a blog. I know I am ready to get back into work, as soon as I finish writing this. 

The ability to switch off from your business is a skill worth mastering. Your health, your spouse and your family will thank you for it. It will enable you to "take the blinkers off", kick start your creativity and give you a renewed focus. So go on, take that well earned holiday - you deserve it.