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Blog challenge 84/99: 4 quick Facebook hacks

Here is a quick read thanks to Kerwin Rae. Kerwin is an awesome business coach and consultant. He is relevant to Australian business people and also provides positive life advice without all of the bulls$%#!! Give him a follow on Facebook here.

  1. Facebook native video gets 70% more reach and double the engagement of YouTube links. I can’t stress how important this is. If you’re not making videos you need to start. Video is king on social media, especially on Facebook. And trust me, you don’t have to be a pro. Get real and authentic on a topic, add value to people’s news feed, be an authority in your field and watch your engagement grow.

  2. Pictures posted on Instagram that are shared on Facebook get more reach. This is because Instagram is owned by Facebook so special treatment is applied when sharing across the two platforms. This is also a great way to re-purpose content. Select an impacting, or entertaining image that’s captioned well on Instagram and share to Facebook to utilise greater reach.

  3. Shares from your Facebook page to your personal profile can increase reach. Such a simple hack but even just sharing a post from your company’s page to your personal Facebook page can have a huge impact on your ability to reach more people.

  4. Caption your videos. Get this, 82% of people watch video in silence – use CAPTIONS. You will be getting a lot more eyeballs on your clips.

Using the Facebook events feature

The people that we think this blog can help would be anyone in the hospitality industry, restaurant owners, club owners, event organisers and sporting organisations. Facebook has launched their "events" feature. This works in conjunction with their app - called Facebook Local. This is a new application that helps you discover places and things to do that are recommended by friends you know and trust.

How can this benefit you as a business owner you may ask? Let us give you an example. Eileen owns a lovely country style restaurant and Eileen wants to host a wine appreciation dinner. She is wanting to promote her event on Facebook. She does her normal post on Facebook about the event and does not get the response she wanted. Eileen is a little disappointed at this point! Come on Eileen - it's going to be ok! 

Eileen needs to promote her wine appreciation dinner by creating an event on Facebook and this will then appear in the Facebook Local app. Here is how she does it:

To create a private or public event:

  1. From your News Feed, click Events in the left menu.

  2. Click + Create Event on the left side.

  3. Click to choose between a private or public event. If you're creating a public event, you can set the event's host as yourself or a page you manage. You're not able to change the privacy settings once you've created the event.

  4. Fill in the event name, details, location and time. If you're creating a public event, you can:

    • Add multiple dates and times

    • Select a category for your event

    • Add keywords about your event

    • Add a link to a ticketing website for your event

  5. Click Create.

You'll be taken to your event where you can invite guestsupload photosadd a cover photo or video, share posts and edit event details.

Note: Only Pages can add multiple dates and times to an event right now.

To edit an existing event:

  1. From your News Feed, click Events in the left menu.

  2. Click Edit next to the name of your upcoming event.

  3. Change the event name, location, time, description or co-hosts.

  4. Click Save.

All events that are created using the Facebook events feature, will automatically be posted to the Facebook Local app. 

Facebook Local can help Eileens potential customers see that she is hosting an event, they can then select if they are interested in attending the function. Their friends will see this on their feed and the promotional snowball begins. Friends of friends see it and it sparks interest. 

Here’s how the app works:

Facebook Local’s home page shows shortcuts to see nearby restaurants, cafes, drinks, attractions, and more, as well as where friends and people you follow go. You’ll see a calendar of your day’s Events, a Trending Events feed, guides to music, nightlife, art, and other happenings, and options to see everything going on certain days. This app is very impressive. If you are travelling to another city for a holiday, we suggest that you download it as you will most certainly find events and things to do that are of interest. The app is available for all IOS and Android devices.

Thanks for reading and if we can help you with the marketing of your business please get in touch with us here.