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Blog challenge 88 /99: Exciting news from Google My Business

This article caught our eye on Search Engine Journal about a possible update on Google My Business.

Google has been spotted testing a new feature that lets businesses add collections of products to their listings, rather than services. This feature was spotted by SEO specialist Nathan Schoell

As Schoell explains in his tweet, the feature appears where businesses would ordinarily be able to add services to their listing. For each product, businesses can display the name of the product, a 1,000 character description, the price, and a photo.

In Schoell’s case, the option to add services has been replaced with products for his car dealership business. That makes sense since a dealership primarily sells products.

Schoell notes in follow-up tweets that he’s still seeing the option to add services for business listings in other categories.

So this may be rolling out on a case-by-case basis, depending on whether the business belongs to a category that specialises in either products or services.

Of course, if the business offers both products and services, there’s nothing to stop them from including a combination of both in their GMB listings.

Mike Blumenthal, an authority in local search, chimed in on the Twitter thread saying he also just saw this feature the other day.

So it’s still in its infancy, but the feature appears to be slowly making its way out to people.

Blog challenge 62/99: How to gain more website traffic part 3

Long tail keywords….first of all, you are probably asking “what are they”? A long-tail keyword is a keyword phrase that contains at least three words (though some say two or more is considered long-tail). Long-tail keywords are used to target niche demographics rather than mass audiences.

Let's assume that you want to target the keyword “nursing.” To find long-tail variations on that seed keyword, go to the Google Keyword Planner and type in nursing. Then, scroll down and click “Get ideas.” Then click on the keywords tab to show all of the keywords related to nursing. If you are running a google

Focusing on long tail keywords is a great SEO tactic. Long tail keywords get less search traffic, but will usually have a higher conversion value, as they are more specific. Combine these long tail keywords into your content. Analyse the top long tail keywords and distribute each of them into your pages, ensuring you don’t do “key word stuffing”. This is when you put too many keywords into your content. The search engines are smart and they will pick up on this and penalise your ranking.

We hope this helps, good luck and get researching those long tail keywords relative to your website!

Blog challenge 54/99: Results for our clients using Google

We received a call from a client today in the hospitality industry. It is always nice to hear the words, “We are seeing some good results from what you are doing with our digital marketing”. We have been actively maintaining their Google My Business account for about 12 months now, along with social media and Trip Advisor and for such a small business - we are able to see some incredible results.

  • 113 Calls to their phone

  • 379 Direction requests using Google Maps

  • 220 website visits

  • 2,270 views of their photos

Some of these stats are down on the previous month due to it being peak tourist season in July. We cannot stress enough, the importance of managing your Google My Business page correctly. This means posting engaging photos, replying to reviews, adjusting public holiday hours and providing accurate content so your audience and potential customers can find you.

This contributes to your Google Ranking and the endless persuit of maintaining your high position on page 1.

GMB results.png

Blog challenge 9/99: Google my business knowledge

Have you registered your business website with Google? If not, you should. While you are at it, you should consider registering your website with the other main search engine which is Bing. Google has approximately 94% market share, so we are just going to run through why you should do this with Google:

  1. By registering your business you will instantly improve your credibility. This makes it easier for your business to be found online. According to Google, photos get 40% more requests for directions and 90% of customers are more likely to visit a business that has photos on a Search/Maps results page.
  2. You can use the mobile app feature to update business info while on the go. You can download the app from Google Play ( or the iTunes Store (
  3. View reviews of the cx (customer experience), and reply to them through the app.
  4. It will help you to highlight real time content and voice directly to your existing and potential customers. It helps you to post special events, services and community posts.
  5. Create posts on the go and update attractive photos. It will help you to highlight real time content and voice directly to your existing and potential customers.
  6. It will show up in knowledge panel both on search and maps in both collapsed and expanded views on - Mobile and desktop.
  7. Treat your Google My Business page like a cross between your Linked In Profile and your Facebook profile. By this we mean to keep the content semi formal. Post regularly 3-4 times per week.

To set up a Google my Business account simply click here. It is free to set up and is an absolute necessity if you want to be found online. Google will ask a series of questions to verify your business and then they usually send out some information via post. However, when we set our account up we never received the information. We ended up emailing customer service and we were able to set it up over the phone.

Illume Marketing offers a FREE check of your Google My Business page and FREE initial set up. Click here to get in touch. Once again thanks for reading.