Transparency with advertising and marketing

Advertising and marketing. An evil necessity, we hear this from several business owners during our initial consultations with business owners! Traditional media - television, radio, outdoor can quite difficult to measure it’s effectiveness. Facebook advertising, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), email marketing and other forms of digital advertising can provide more insights into how a campaign is tracking.

The ability to report on what is working for a campaign and what is not working is important for the client. We really pride ourselves on transparency. If a Facebook advertising campaign is not going according to plan, we kill it and start again. We do this at no additional charge to clients, as result are imperative.

If you are currently using a marketing agency or if you are planning on doing so, just make sure you ask about how they will report results to you and how often. Transparency should be a crucial part of everyday business transactions.

Giving back to your clients

It can be all too easy once you sign up a new client, to think that the exchange between the service you provide and the payment of your invoices are enough to maintain a healthy business relationship for years to come. Quite often it can be enough, but we like to put in those 1% efforts that can help endure any difficult periods. Here are a few suggestions of what you can do:

  • Christmas and Birthday Gifts: Find out what your clients favourite beer or wine is. If they don't drink, find out what they like to do in their leisure time. Perhaps a voucher to a day spa would hit the spot!

  • Hand Written Cards: It is easy to say thank you via an email. If you were to write a hand written thank you note in a card, it requires another level of effort. You have to buy the card, write meaningful words in the card, buy the stamp and post it. Effort like this doesn't go un-noticed with clients.

  • Provide Additional Services at No Charge: Now, this can be a contentious one! What we suggest is to give away a minor product or service, that does not cost your business a large amount of money. For example, if you own a printing business and you service commercial printers, you may be able to provide a complementary toner cartridge. Make sure you enter this on your invoice with a $0.00 charge next to it, so the client sees.

  • Provide a Bundle Offer: If a client buys several of your products or services, perhaps you can look at a bundle offer. If they buy two services or products, you may be able to offer a third for free. This works well with ecommerce and bricks and mortar fashion stores.

So there you have it, a few suggestions to assist you with further developing your relationships with your clients. At the end of the day, people like to see that they are getting value. Go over and above and this will increase the lifetime value of each customer. Thanks for reading. 



Google my business knowledge

Have you registered your business website with Google? If not, you should. While you are at it, you should consider registering your website with the other main search engine which is Bing. Google has approximately 94% market share, so we are just going to run through why you should do this with Google:

  1. By registering your business you will instantly improve your credibility. This makes it easier for your business to be found online. According to Google, photos get 40% more requests for directions and 90% of customers are more likely to visit a business that has photos on a Search/Maps results page.

  2. You can use the mobile app feature to update business info while on the go. You can download the app from Google Play ( or the iTunes Store (

  3. View reviews of the cx (customer experience), and reply to them through the app.

  4. It will help you to highlight real time content and voice directly to your existing and potential customers. It helps you to post special events, services and community posts.

  5. Create posts on the go and update attractive photos. It will help you to highlight real time content and voice directly to your existing and potential customers.

  6. It will show up in knowledge panel both on search and maps in both collapsed and expanded views on - Mobile and desktop.

  7. Treat your Google My Business page like a cross between your Linked In Profile and your Facebook profile. By this we mean to keep the content semi formal. Post regularly 3-4 times per week.

To set up a Google my Business account simply click here. It is free to set up and is an absolute necessity if you want to be found online. Google will ask a series of questions to verify your business and then they usually send out some information via post. However, when we set our account up we never received the information. We ended up emailing customer service and we were able to set it up over the phone.

Illume Marketing offers a FREE check of your Google My Business page and FREE initial set up. Click here to get in touch. Once again thanks for reading.



B2B Sales knowledge

Many people just cringe at the words sales and, or marketing. The reason being is that a lot of businesses have been doing it incorrectly for so long. Hard sell sales tactics are now an 'old school' approach and this has contributed to a bad stigma about the profession. The fact is that without sales and marketing, business wouldn't succeed. It just needs to be done right. If you have a sales team here's some knowledge that you can pass onto them:


  • Don't Sell: If you have taken on new sales staff, encourage your sales staff to build relationships and not to sell to your customers. You may find that your sales will take a hit initially but the lifetime value of a solid relationship will be far more beneficial. People buy from people. Sure, your product or service has to be good, however if a trust worthy relationship is built this will be the foundation for business success.


  • Provide Value: If you can provide outstanding value to your customers you will always win. Here is an example. We were in a meeting with a director of a company that provides equipment for sleep appnea sufferers. Prior to our meeting, the client had the mindset that a 100% digital marketing approach was the answer. During our meeting, we asked several questions and noted that the target demographic was people 50+ years of age. After careful consideration, we suggested a television advertising campaign, coupled with a Google Adwords approach. Our reason for suggesting television advertising was due to the fact that his target demographic watches television within his location. The client was surprised that we would offer this suggestion. He knew that we would not make as much profit from him as we are predominantly a digital agency. He appreciated our honestly and the campaign has been a resounding success. Doing the right thing, is always the right thing.


  • Take Interest: Really show an interest in what your client does. Try and learn something from them. The simple acts of listening and asking questions will gain you respect from your client. If you can politely make a suggestion to them, which will in turn benefit their business, this will build trust.

Master the above 3 points and you will be on the road to success. B2B sales is really just helping other people in business succeed. Lose the old school sales mindset and start to see some real progress, both personally and professionally. Thanks for reading.


The Google Ads process

We don't like to sugar coat things here at Illume Marketing. So when we say Google Ads is technical and requires a lot of your patience, we mean it! Google Adwords requires persistence too. If you are a small business owner and you find that this form of marketing is difficult, we would advise to outsource it. That is not a sales pitch, it just makes sense that you, the business owner, need to spend your time doing what you do best. For those that are looking to get started, please see below the process for using Google Adwords:

  1. Install Google analytics to your website: Set up an account here and ensure the correct code is injected into each page so your analytics are accurate. Or there should be an app that you can install which will be the easier option.

  2. Link your Google Adwords account: Make sure your Adwords account is linked and that you have enabled auto tagging. This will let Google Analytics report the details of each click taken across your website. This is very important.

  3. Import a goal: A goal may be to have people sign up to your monthly newsletter or to complete a contact us form. You can do this via the admin tab of google analytics and then head to goal set up.

  4. Import conversion actions: Within your Google Adwords account you want to import your conversion actions. This will assist in the tracking process. By doing this you will be able to see the exact path a visitor takes through your website prior to purchasing.

  5. Create a campaign: Head into your Adwords account, and select the new campaign option to start a new campaign. Name the campaign and include the Google Search partners option. Do not add the Google display network. This is completely different to an Adwords account. Select location that you want to target and your language and select your bidding. If you are just starting out select maximize conversions.

  6. Set your daily budget: The best way to do this is to work out your monthly budget and divide it by how many days there are in the month. Set your start and end dates.

  7. Set up ad groups: This is where you enter your key words. Best practice is to have a maximum of 10 keywords per ad campaign. You can use Google Keyword Planner for this, which I will talk through in another blog.

  8. Create your ad: This is the fun part! Put your headline 1 and headline 2 in. Usually headline 2 is a call to action. For example, 1 Month Free Membership or Free Shipping. Then construct the body of your ad. Insert your final URL that will direct visitors to your website. Your ad will then be created right in front of your eyes.

  9. Revisit Google Analytics: Keep an eye on what key words are being used and be patient. Google will spend your budget evenly across the month.

The ultimate goal that you want to get to is to have 15 conversions in 30 days, then we can switch to a more advanced strategy using the Target CPA bidding option, but we are going to leave that for another time.

Google Adwords is a lot of work, you need patience and an analytical mindset but done correctly it can drive sales for your business and greatly assist with your Google ranking. Thanks for reading.