Useful newsletters for small business

Quick question. How many emails do you receive from companies that you have signed up to? How’s about a clean out? Come on, it’s time to go through your inbox and sort this out!

Clear workspace clear mind – as they say. Now that you have done it, lets get you subscribing to useful business information delivered directly to your email. Here is our top 5 list for small businesses:

1. Think with Google: Scrub up on your marketing skills with Google. This newsletter comes out monthly and has all the insights you want and data you need to improve your marketing.

2. CPA Career Mentor: This newsletter has useful business information relative to career advice, professional development and advice on job seeking.

3. NT Chamber of Commerce: You will need to be a paid member to receive this newsletter. Membership entitles you to attend networking events and gives access to a huge amount of resources relative to business in the NT.

4. I Know the Pilot: Have you seen a conference that you would like to attend interstate and want to get there at the best possible price? I know the pilot has the cheapest deals on flights. If you have a secretary that books your travel, get them onto this.

5. Illume News: You didn’t think we could leave ourselves off the list did you?! Our monthly newsletter is packed full of useful info for business and professional development and you can sign up here.

Enjoy a more productive and educational approach to email marketing by signing up to these 5 newsletters. Thanks for reading.