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Blog challenge 54/99: Results for our clients using Google

We received a call from a client today in the hospitality industry. It is always nice to hear the words, “We are seeing some good results from what you are doing with our digital marketing”. We have been actively maintaining their Google My Business account for about 12 months now, along with social media and Trip Advisor and for such a small business - we are able to see some incredible results.

  • 113 Calls to their phone

  • 379 Direction requests using Google Maps

  • 220 website visits

  • 2,270 views of their photos

Some of these stats are down on the previous month due to it being peak tourist season in July. We cannot stress enough, the importance of managing your Google My Business page correctly. This means posting engaging photos, replying to reviews, adjusting public holiday hours and providing accurate content so your audience and potential customers can find you.

This contributes to your Google Ranking and the endless persuit of maintaining your high position on page 1.

GMB results.png

Blog challenge 37/99: The importance of landing pages for your website

By definition, a landing page is a web page which serves as the entry point for a website or a particular section of a website. A landing page is just the page people land on because an ad or email directed them to that specific page as opposed to your site’s homepage.

Effective landing pages make it very clear what a visitor is going to get from a page and how to get it. That’s it plain and simple. There are many great articles on how to create better landing pages (including this one from Unbounce) but today we are going to focus on why you need to create and use landing pages as a core online tool.

Local content

One of the best ways to get your site to rank higher when people search locally and on mobile devices is to have lots of local content. Creating landing pages that feature very localized, down to the neighborhood perhaps, content is a great way to start building the local content and link necessary to have your pages move up in the search index for local search.

Social content

Sending your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook connections to landing pages that are personalized to each network is a great way to deepen the connection. By running Twitter and Facebook feeds on these pages and acknowledging the connection with those that come from those networks you will also find a much higher degree of engagement in those networks.

Smart content

By creating landing pages that address the specific market segments, product segments or key content segments for your business you can begin to better funnel people to the specific types of content they desire. Using a tool like Survey Funnel in conjunction with your landing pages could allow a visitor to tell you what they are looking for and be directed to specific content based on their choices.

Lead capture

Landing pages are your lead capture workhorse. If you have a great eBook or free workshop to promote you may want to create signup forms for most of your web pages, but your signups will soar when you create a page that details, sells and demonstrates the benefits of acquiring your free report. A landing page with video, audio, images, descriptions and very intuitive call to action is a must for lead capture campaigns.

Advertising conversion

Any form of advertising will be much more effective if it is targeted to a page that contains nothing but content that supports the message in your ads. The more relevant the page to the ad, the more effective. Smart marketers constantly experiment with ad and landing page combinations, including creating keyword optimized pages for specific groups of PPC ads.

The bottom line is, if you have a correctly crafted landing page, that is trust worthy and engaging to the reader, you will find it easier to convert a lead into a sale. We have created these for our clients with a high success rate and for minimal investment. If you would like to chat with us about landing pages or how to improve your website, feel free to contact us here. Thanks for reading!

Blog challenge 32/99: Christmas is coming!

Don’t you just dislike it immensely when someone gives you this reminder!? The reason we have mentioned it here is to purely serve as a reminder for the hospitality and events sector that, businesses are now looking at booking their Christmas parties. This is the time of year that you need to be reminding your customers of your venue. These two months (August and September), are when you need to have your content out there and creating awareness. If you have a business development executive, they should be out of the office and visiting existing and potential clients, with a topic of discussion being Christmas function locations. Invite potential customers to your venue to view what you have on offer.

Here are some ideas to promote your venue for a festive function that is sure to impress:

1. Create a media library consisting of photos, videos, print media and television commercials related specifically to Christmas functions. You can then call on this when creating content for next year’s Christmas promotion.

2. Create a call to action landing page for your website. Ensure you have a click to call function on the page and an enticing offer. A suggestion may be “Book before September 30th and receive 6 bottles of wine for free”. Post this as an offer on Facebook, that is claimable by clients. Ensure to place a small amount of advertising spend behind this on Facebook and link it to your Instagram account.

3. Have continuity among all of your marketing. If you are doing television and print advertising, ensure you have your campaigns all pushing the same message. It is important to align all of your advertising to promote your venue as the place to hold your Christmas function in Darwin. This is because we all know what happens in January!! The Top End becomes very quiet with reduced tourists and locals tend to stay home more as they may have over extended their budget over Christmas.

4. Send an email to a selected portion of your database. Preferably business owners, suggesting that their employees should come for a drink after work at your venue. Offer a free drink upon arrival and maybe some small snacks. Ensure management and business development personnel are there to mingle and network with employees. Keep it relaxed though!

So there you have it, if you haven’t got a plan for your Christmas function promotions – put it at the top of your “To Do” list right now! Thanks for reading and if you would like to chat with us about aligning a results orientated Christmas promotion, please get in touch with us here.